Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ooh, I Know One!

Buying stuff in honor of rosh chodesh! That was fun!
I was reminded of this because it's been exactly a month since the last post :)
I used to buy something special every rosh chodesh in honor of rosh chodesh, I miss doing that. And that reminds me that I also used to buy extra nice stuff/food for shabbos. Great excuse to try that really expensive cheesecake, eh? ;)


  1. Thanks for posting!
    Reminds me, in my yeshiva high school that was pure living hell, they gave out donuts every rosh chodesh. i remember thinking ironically at the time that those donuts were the only damn thing i liked about my life. it was that bad. and i'm usually a glass half-full kind of person! yeoww

  2. Hey, we didn't get donuts for rosh chodesh! But sometimes they gave us vegetable platters (I guess since all the girls were on diets anyway, except for me, since I am philosophically opposed to dieting), and sometimes we'd have a special speaker (usually a boring old rabbi, and I'd do my best to ditch), and occasionally cookies or something small.
    Sorry to hear that you hated your life so much. :( I can sympathize with that very well.

  3. Why do you have to be frum to get yourself something nice for Rosh Hodesh? Be OTD and do it. Being frum is about doing everything in the derekh, being not frum (OTD, modern, or whatever you call it) is about choosing.