Monday, March 9, 2009


You know what sucked about Purim?


For years, I'd go collecting every year with my yeshiva. MAYBE the first year was fun, afterwards, it sucked.

You go for long hours door-to-door shnorring, sweating in these stuffy costumes, and you don't get paid a red cent (it's a "mitzva," of course). Trying this guy's red wine, that guy's white wine. Ugh. Listening to some yutz from your group harassing the baal habayis to cough up more dough. Drunken mishuganas running all over the street, singing at the top of their lungs, and saying the dumbest things. Jesus Christ.

One thing for sure I won't miss about this year's Purim is collecting.

However, I will miss the old days, dressing up, and eating tons of nosh. Those were good times.


  1. Hamentaschen are good, too.

  2. really? it always looked like fun to me and i wished i could join.

    my mother told me that her (female )friend once dresed up in a head to to rabbit costume and collected tons of money.