Tuesday, November 25, 2008

First Post

My name is OTD.
I used to be frum.
This is my frum side.


  1. Yay, no moderation!

    Can't wait to hear more about your frum side!

  2. :D I also have a frum side, it's funny. I especially like to say "nu" all the time. LOL it's like, "nu, move over so I can also buy my cheeseburger already!" It's a versatile short phrase, I suppose. And my grandmother and parents say it all the time.

  3. I like your writing style on this post.

    And thanks for the link. :)

  4. guess who is back. XD

    lol funny on your frum side post, it's basically void of the alleged positives of bring frum so far. XD

  5. Thanks everyone for the support.

    Margo: :D LOL, I know what you mean. I use "nu" (and "geshmak") ALL the time.
    Rachel: Thanks :).
    SJ: Thanks XD.

    But seriously, everyone: I can't wait to start this thing. I'll continue kvetching in my other blog, but in this one we can just chill. Maybe even have FUN. (Imagine that!)
    I could hardly sleep yesterday I was so excited. I'm working on posts right now about Jewish music, cholent, and Israel. The cholent one should be ready any minute!

  6. Hey, am I supposed to be positive on this blog? Or can I still make comments like, "Jewish music sucks" etc?

  7. Margo:
    Don't worry.
    You can say anything you want, of course!