Saturday, November 29, 2008

Jewish Music

So, what kinds of Jewish music do I like?

All kinds. Whatever's popular works for me.

I've always loved Mordechai ben David and Avraham Fried. Personally, I've always thought Fried was better, but most people I knew thought I was crazy for saying that, so I learned to keep it to myself.

Shwekey is incredible, of course. Lots of wannabe Shwekeys out there too, they're alright.

I'm also a big Eli Gerstner fan. I was crazy about the Chevra, but not all of his other projects, including Yeshiva Boys Choir. Always thought Miami was better, though the last few years, they haven't been too special either.

Chassidish music I don't know too much about, but Lipa's alright. I once heard Shloime Daskal, he sounded pretty amazing.

Are those three, Dachs, Wald, and Williger, still around? (I like them in that order, btw.) They were okay.

I'm not a major Carlebach guy. I like his tunes, but not his voice. I like Abie Rotenberg stuff (Journeys, Dveykus etc).

How about the cool stuff, you know, Blue Fringe, Moshav Band, etc? Yeah, I like. Haven't heard them lots though. Also Gershon Veroba (Variations) and Destiny--s'all good.

I can't not mention female musicians. Unfortunately, there are very few in the frum world, thanks to halacha or whatever. Otherwise, the quality of the music would improve greatly. There are a few big-name ladies out there, like Kineret, but I don't know much about them:(.

How about kids' tapes? I grew up on Marvelous Middos Machine, Uncle Moishy, Shmuel Kunda, etc. Country Yossi's alright too. Oh, and you can deny it all you want, but Shmuel Kunda is hilarious.

K, I know I missed a lot of different singers and bands in this post. Feel free to mention them in the comments.

So, what kinds of music do you like?


  1. Jewish music--Yuck. No offense.

  2. Yeah, what can you do?
    I barely heard any goyish music before i turned 20. gevalt. were you any more fortunate? ;)

  3. LOL yes, I found non-Jewish music in my early teens. Then again, in my early teens I was asking questions that made the teachers tell me to shut up, bc they didn't have an answer. :)
    I would advise you to listen to more non-Jewish music. I think you'll find that when you go back to Jewish music afterwards, it all sounds the same. Like gibberish, with the same instruments, same tunes, same "yearning" voice (wtf is up with that anyway?)etc. I can send you stuff if you want, or you can just browse top ten lists and stuff like that. You may disagree, but this is my opinion. :)

  4. Margo:
    Yeah, I'm with you--the quality of the music isn't all that great.
    I listen to the radio all the time, so I'm familiar with what's popular. I like this, but it's not quite like refining my own taste, and figuring out exactly what I like, what I don't like, and why. One of these days...

  5. Got it. Then enjoy :)

  6. OTD, check this out:

  7. Gotta agree with Margo on this one. But I grew up in a much more open household, I think. Music and TV were never banned. (Though concerts were, but it only took till I got a driver's license to sneak off to my first concert.)

  8. You lucky ducks.
    In my house, everything was banned: TV, VCR, music, internet. mad sheltered.
    even the library i wasn't allowed to go to after eighth grade. match that!;)

  9. Damn, OTD, you better make up for lost time. Want to go see a movie with me this weekend? LOL

    Wish I'd grown up in your house ;)

  10. OTD:
    Photographs that move very quickly, so that it looks like the people in the photographs are actually moving. ;)

  11. Oh, so you mean like a slide show.
    my rebbe once showed us one of those, so i've seen one then.

  12. OTD: You're funny! in my HS we actually used to only have slideshows, on the power of Tefillah and other ones. When we did watch a actual video we appreciated it more since it was so rear.

    About Jewish music, you named some of the classic great ones.

    As a kid I remember being scared of the talking coins and some of the other kid tapes. I liked uncle Moishy so much, that one year at day camp I made believe he was actually my uncle and when he came to preform, I told that to my friend, and she said I should go over to him, and I told her I was too chicken. lol

    O, and I like interesting music that have accents, so I like the chassidish boys music, or Israeli boys, cause it's like exotic. lol

  13. Babysitter:
    How about The Magic Yarmulka? I grew up on that.

  14. yea, I remember that, I liked that one.

  15. Im with off-the derech- even though I am no longer frum, I looooooooooooooove jewish music. I grew up listening to non jewish and jewish music and love both. I play piano and drums and have a decent knowledge about the technical side of music. Its very hip to be disparaging about jewish music and say how its crap etc- But with all due respect, in my opinion, people who say that, dont know what they are talking about.

    Like non-jewish music, there is crap jewsih music and amazing jewish music. Shwekey's albums r probably of the highest consistancy but mbd, fried, goldwag, gerstner and others have put out plenty of amazing tracks. For originality and complexity of music, my 2 fave jewish artists are kol achai and nochi krohn band.

  16. I like the piamentas and diaspora yeshiva band. Really the only Jewish music I can stand. Luckily, my parents liked real music, too!