Monday, January 19, 2009


By: Margo
You know, when I go to my dashboard, I see the Ballroom blog, with fairly frequent updates. I see the OTD blog, with even more frequent updates. I see the Haven blog, with updates that happen more often than the time it takes to say the Shema Yisroel backwards (anyone else here love Savta Simcha while growing up?). Then I see this Frum blog, with updates more infrequent than the time it's been since I last said Shema Yisroel (well, not really, but in a hyperbolic manner). So I think, and think, and think about what I miss from being frum. The trouble is, I don't miss it. At all. Of course now and then I'll miss something or other, but not often enough to post about it regularly.
However, today, after much effort, a burst of inspiration hit me and I thought of something that I miss!
I miss going OTD! That's part of the life of a frum community, right? People who go OTD.
I've already gone OTD, so I can't go OTD anymore, and I kind of miss that. It felt very intellectually invigorating to attend all those frum classes and dispute the rabbis, challenge everything I heard, talk it over with frum and non-frum friends of mine. It felt freakin' awesome to wear a tank top and pants to the Kotel. Now, I just don't go to frum programs. I don't go to the Kotel (I'm also not in Israel at the moment, which stops me from going, even if I wanted to.) I have better things to do with my life. But that was nice, going OTD. Ah, to be frum again so that I could go OTD again! Lovely thought... :)


  1. Thanks, Margo.
    Great post!
    I think I'm filled with anger at the frum world, and I'm having a blast letting it out.
    In a few years, MAYBE, I'll be able to think of positive memories.

  2. I loved Savta Simcha too!

    I will always think samovars are nifty.

  3. OTD--
    Thanks :)

    Yup, love samovars, thanks to her! And Uncle Nehemiah always seemed so huggable, especially with his purple nightcap. On another note, do you think he's gay? I mean, he wears purple pajamas, he's not married, he lives with his sister...just a speculation.

  4. it is sooo natural to miss going OTD - anytime you complete one of life's challenges it's a let down of sorts. Now, you just need a new challenge to keep you busy!! I don't know - "save the cheerleader save the world" seems to be popular. LOL!! (it's great to be narcissistic enough to laugh at your own jokes)

    Anyway, I'm not worried - you have the whole world open to you to explore.

    Pick something interesting and let your enquiring readers know!